Hip Hop Audition Wardrobe For Girls 

Prepping for an audition, and have no idea what to wear?! For girls, getting ready for an audition can be a stressful ordeal. You want to look the part, you want to stand out, but you still want to keep your identity and stay true to you.

Here are a few visual inspirations to give you ideas for that next Hip Hop audition.

Bottom must-haves:
Skinnies & Jeans


Leggings – colored, patterned, or plain


Be sure to show skin! At Hip Hop auditions, be careful of dressing too baggy. Casting directors don’t want to confuse you with a boy, unless they specifically call for a baggy look!

If you don’t mind showing midriff, take a look at these samples.

If you don’t mind showing legs, try these.

If you don’t mind showing both.

And if you MUST cover up, swag it out!


Other tips:

  • If your top is plain-colored (all black, all red, etc), make your bottoms exciting.
  • If your bottoms are plain, vary your top.
  • Wear bright colors or shiny things to attract attention.
  • If you’re wearing black, add some bling, or make sure there is something hot to look at!
  • Always wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, & lipstick unless you are going to a Disney audition or you are auditioning for a younger look.
  • Secure your hair!
  • Secure your accessories–if you are worried about them, take them off.

Keep in mind that you are going to an audition, and that means you are showing yourself off.  It doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t normally wear these clothes outside of the studio when you might possibly be in a room full of 400 other girls auditioning ready to dance for their lives.  What matters is that you grab attention and arrive looking fly, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and style.

What are some of your audition must-haves?

images taken from Tumblr