On Moving To LA: 7 Keys To A Dancer’s Success – JC Ryan Carrier

JC Ryan Carrier from New Hampshire moved to LA to pursue dance, and has worked with Lady Gaga, Lil Kim, Keyshia Cole, Ricky Martin, Ceelo Green, Ke$ha, and Jason Derulo to name a few.  Currently expanding into choreography, JC is always striving to grow as an artist, and shares his top 7 keys to success for those interested in moving to Los Angeles.


1. Faith

It’s more simple than you think. Book a ticket and join us! Of course you want to try to save as much money as you can, and try to secure a job when you get here to keep you a float. Having a side hustle is a great thing not only financially, but to break things up a little too.  I feel that at the end of the day though, there’s no real specific list or “right time.” You just have to make the decision and take a leap of faith.


Lil Kim live performance – 2nd to left

2. Total Commitment

You can’t be half way in… you have to be 100% committed. Make sure this is more than just a love for dance. Make sure you truly have an incredible, deep passion for it, because this industry is an intense roller coaster ride that has to be worth it for you, otherwise it will drain you. Definitely be ready, mentally!


Jaleel White @ CeeLo Green Music Video Shoot

3. Patience  and 4. Diligence

Be patient! Not everyone books their first job right away. It takes time, but the key is to fill up that waiting period with preparing yourself every single day, so when you finally get that gig, you’re READY! Booking a job is only half the battle.. you also have to fight to keep it!



5. Challenges

I believe every class should serve a different purpose. You should definitely take classes that you love and do well in–they are important for your confidence, but at the same time, you need to take classes that are going to continue to push you to learn new things to make you as versatile as possible.


Lady Gaga Alejandro Music Video

6. Performance Quality

The more confident and secure you are with WHO you are, the better performer you will be in my opinion, so be proud of YOU.  We can all pick up steps, but understanding the authentic feel of every step and whats behind it lies in knowing the foundation. At the end of the day performance, trumps steps.


7. Branding

Your dance career is YOUR business, so take responsibility for branding yourself. Know the role that casting plays and respect it. You may be an amazing dancer, but if you plan to audition, you also have to look the part because we as dancers have to fulfill the vision of that artist/tv show/etc.

Like I said in the beginning, you just have to LEAP! You will learn as you go, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because we all do! There will be a lot of sweat and tears, but when you hit that stage, it will be worth it! Being able to travel the world and perform on tv and film is an incredible feeling. Know that you CAN do it, have faith and let it happen. Enjoy the journey, and don’t let the in between stuff take away those great moments

– JC