On Moving To LA: 3 Crucial Keys To Succeed – Cat Rendic

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There is no right way or wrong way to succeed in the industry, because every journey is different. I moved to LA at 22, which is rather late compared to most non-California natives. I left behind a successful career in Miami, because I wanted more. In Miami I began working at age 9.  By the time I turned 18, I was working for Univision Network’s Special Events as Assistant Choreographer and as a dancer. I had toured and worked for most latin artist including Shakira, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Thalia, Paulina Rubio, amongst others, but I always wanted to work in the American market. Moving to LA seemed like the only option to try and achieve my dreams.

1) Being myself–no matter what!
Quickly I learned that to make a name for yourself, you had to be consistent with who you were. The people I looked up to were always consistent!  It’s important to know that not all jobs will be for you.  It’s a “look” thing.  It’s a “connections” thing.  It’s a “style” thing.  It’s just way too many things to ever really understand why you got a job or not, but choreographers and directors will start remembering you for what you are, and will know when you are right for the project.  Thats why staying true to yourself is crucial!

Cat Rendic

2) Auditioning & understanding my strengths.
Though dance is athletic, dance is an art, and it is almost impossible to choose who the best dancer is. It is all about taste and preference, therefore when you audition for a job you have to always keep that in mind. Standing out in a group of hundreds can be quite intimidating, and you must know your strengths and weaknesses in order to excel. Staying true to yourself is crucial because trying to be like someone else will never be fulfilling. You want to leave auditions feeling good and proud of your work and craft.  Whether you book the job or not, you always want to represent yourself at the highest level. This means image, performance, and personality.

3) Prioritizing a healthy mind & body!
When you understand why being in shape and healthy is beneficial, you’ll really feel motivated to be fit and healthy. Mind and body are connected, therefore feeling great is not all about positive thoughts, but about positive actions for your body as well.  Image is extremely important in LA. It is not at all everything, but it does carry a strong weight when it comes to working as a professional dancer.  As a professional dancer, you are a product, and you have to figure out what kind of product you are. For me, it became important to be in shape. I am not saying that being skinny is a must, or that curvy is bad… I just wanted to be fit. The last thing I wanted was to be overlooked because of how I was representing myself, especially when it’s something I could control. 

I have been in LA 6 years now, and though I began working within 2 months of moving here, I don’t take any opportunity for granted. I am constantly trying to better myself, and represent myself the best I can. I do a lot of yoga. I eat healthy, drink loads of water, take class, and I make sure to stay informed with the industry.