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Videographer: Isaiah Masters


Isaiah, founder of Snowglobe Perspective, “is all about creating new opportunities for artists (singers, musicians, dancers) providing them with the platform to showcase their craft in a way that they deserve.” His work centers on helping artists, both young and experienced, produce quality videos for the globe to see.


Videographer: Andrew Truong


Need a videographer with a good eye and refreshing perspective? Andrew Truong is a filmmaker/cinematographer residing in Southern California. As part of the In House Goods team, he captures beautiful lifestyle shots — “reality reconstruction through film.” Shooting lookbooks and concept videos, Andrew can turn a moment into beautiful artwork.

Videographer: Edric Leggett


A talented videographer and video editor, Edric is on the come-up, shooting videos for several dancers in the industry today. He is able to record your class footage, concept videos, or even edit a video compilation in case you need a reel done. Being a dancer himself, he understands movement and works quickly on the spot to help you create your masterpiece.

Videographer: Tim Milgram


Tim Milgram is used by several dance professionals in LA today for high quality videos. He discovered his passion for dance while attending college in Santa Barbara, California. He quickly started choreographing and performing with several dance groups on campus. In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles to share his energy and creativity with the world.