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Exclusive Audition – Establish Your Empire August 12 2013, Bay Area CA


An experience that will bring dancers to their next level of artistry–Gigi Torres launches Establish Your Empire to the Bay! Audition to earn a free 2-hr seminar to Creating Opportunities “How To Make A Dance Career Work For You.” Strengthen your performance, staging & blocking techniques, execution & dynamics, and musicality through 12 hours of intense rehearsals and individual dance critiques. Viral video shoot and exhibition performance to conclude the experience.


Defining Dynamics Workshop – Noho, July 27, 2013


Don’t miss Gigi Torres’ Defining Dynamics Workshop this month! After choreographing and teaching in several countries, she is back in LA to motivate and educate. Learn from an experienced instructor and leader who has years of educating and professional credits around the globe. This workshop will cover dance technique, execution, and musicality. Come ready to work on your freestyle, self-expression, and choice of movement.