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Hip Hop & Waacking Instructor: Lashaun Price


“Born and raised in New York within a house constantly blasting R&B, funk and soul music, Lashaun was dancing before he could even walk! Lashaun has trained with the best in New York and Los Angeles in diverse styles including Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Waacking, African, House and Lyrical. His training grounds include Debbie Reynolds Studio (where he is currently faculty), The Edge Performing Arts Center & Broadway Dance Center. Lashaun’s mixture of intricacy and grooves define his style. “


Hip Hop Instructor: JC Ryan


Jc Ryan is originally from Salem, New Hampshire trying to share his work with inspiring dancers all over the world.

Dancer: Seth Swartz


“Seth started dancing and creating at a young age, but it wasn’t until he moved to college that this hobby of his began turning into a passion. While attending UC Santa Cruz, he joined Haluan- a competitive collegiate dance troupe. He eventually joined Funkanometry SF during his last year of college, where he had the opportunity to share his dancing and choreography in prestigious showcases such as Vibe, Body Rock, and The Sock Hop.”

Why Wait For Opportunities When You Can Create Your Own? Advice From Gigi


“Stay Relevant. Grind & Hustle on a Daily. Manage your Time.”

Hip Hop Instructor: Shaun Evaristo


Having made a huge impact on the dance community today, Shaun Evaristo is one of the most sought after instructors around the world. His choreography first bursted on to the dance scene as he directed Gen2 in Northern California, and thereafter pursued industry work in Los Angeles. As CEO of Movement Lifestyle, he continues to travel the globe to inspire others, leaving a legacy that continues to change the dance world.

Videographer: Tim Milgram


Tim Milgram is used by several dance professionals in LA today for high quality videos. He discovered his passion for dance while attending college in Santa Barbara, California. He quickly started choreographing and performing with several dance groups on campus. In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles to share his energy and creativity with the world.