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Hip Hop Audition Wardrobe For Girls 


Prepping for an audition, and have no idea what to wear?! For girls, getting ready for an audition can be a stressful ordeal. You want to look the part, you want to stand out, but you still want to keep your identity and stay true to you.


Makeup Artist: Hikari Murakami


“Hailing from the bay area, Hikari Murakami now resides in the OC/LA area creating beauty and art through makeup artistry.” Specializing in Beauty, Fashion, & Bridal, this dancer has many skills and “is known for her friendly and easy to work with personality with utmost professionalism.”

Videographer: Andrew Truong


Need a videographer with a good eye and refreshing perspective? Andrew Truong is a filmmaker/cinematographer residing in Southern California. As part of the In House Goods team, he captures beautiful lifestyle shots — “reality reconstruction through film.” Shooting lookbooks and concept videos, Andrew can turn a moment into beautiful artwork.

Makeup Artist: Danielle Hart


Danielle Hart is a God-fearing makeup artist living in Los Angeles. Connect with her for your headshots, events, or photoshoots!

Stylist / Fashion Designer: Cheryl Koo


Designer Cheryl Koo has strived to fuse her passions in life, which leads her to where she is today. By working with such companies as L.A.M.B., Triple Five Soul, and Adidas Originals, Cheryl has gained experience to communicate this through her work and introduces a transition from what is seemingly “the other” into beauty and acceptance.