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Hip Hop & Waacking Instructor: Lashaun Price


“Born and raised in New York within a house constantly blasting R&B, funk and soul music, Lashaun was dancing before he could even walk! Lashaun has trained with the best in New York and Los Angeles in diverse styles including Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Waacking, African, House and Lyrical. His training grounds include Debbie Reynolds Studio (where he is currently faculty), The Edge Performing Arts Center & Broadway Dance Center. Lashaun’s mixture of intricacy and grooves define his style. “


Hip Hop Instructor: Angel B


After choreographing and dancing in Brazil for several years, Angel made the brave move to LA where she now works on a regular basis. She began teaching various dance courses at the most prominent dance studios in São Paulo, Brazil and eventually throughout the country and internationally: Norway, Paris and the USA…

Choreographer: Angel B


Angel has danced and choreographed for the biggest names in Brazil. Working closely with these artists has given her a chance to learn from and connect with many musical talents within the country, including Ivete Sangalo, Wanessa Camargo, Cabal, Negra Li, Quelynah, Goobie, Rodrigo Moratto, Rodriguinho, and others…

Dancer: Angel B


MSA Talent Agency

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Angel B is an icon in the dance industry in her country as a choreographer and dancer for some the top names in the business as Negra Li, Ivete Sangalo, Wanessa, Rodriguinho and many others who had contributed. Most recently her credits include dancing for Kanye West at SWU festival, choreographing for Wanessa feat Bam Bam “Stick Dough” Music Video…